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Independent Living Communities (0)

Independent Living Communities provide a great alternative for active seniors who don't want to have to maintain a home, or perhaps want the freedom to travel more. It is a chance to be surrounded by people of similar ages, similar interests, similar values, and a wide variety social activities, trips, and events. In many cases these facilities offer an amazing amount of freedom and independence. Housing options range from apartment style, to houses, from stylish to nice & basic.

Assisted Care Facilities (0)

Assisted Care Facilities are designed to care for seniors who can no longer take care of themselves, but don't require the more extensive care that you will find at a Nursing Home or Adult Family Home. These facilities are usually set up like individual apartments, with 24 hour a day on duty staff, group meals, and activities. They offer many levels of assistance and will usually create an individualized plan after they meet and assess the resident. Prices, services, and amenities vary.

Skilled Nursing (0)

Nursing Homes are staffed with 24 hour a day Nursing professionals. They are designed to care for residents who require a high level of medical care and assistance, or residents who require rehabilitative care. Residents generally will dine together, unless they are unable to leave their rooms in which case meals will be delivered to their rooms. Activities are provided for those who can participate. Like all of the other types of Adult Facilities, services & amenities vary.

Adult Family Homes (74)

Adult Family Homes are large residential homes located in residential neighborhoods just like yours, and are licensed to care for up to 6 residents. They are designed to give individual care in a cozy, family home environment, and include all meals, snacks, room & board, and constant attentive care and companionship. Nursing care is available on a full or part time basis. Levels of care, amenities, staffing and activities vary from home to home, as do their monthly rates.

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