Our Goal

To put together the best, most user-friendly local website for Adult Care Facilities.


Most of the people in our area will turn to the Internet when they need to find a place to care for someone they love.

They deserve a website that is well organized, easily searchable, and as complete as possible!! Adult Care Facility owners deserve Internet advertising that is effective and affordable!!

On a personal note, we had to find a place for my Mom last year. Going through that process made me realize how much of a need there is for a well thought out website of Adult Care Facilities in our area. Like most people in our position, we didn't know where to go, or for that matter where to look. We needed someplace immediately, someplace close so that it would be convenient for us to visit. It had to be a place that could take care of Mom's specific needs, a place that we could afford. When I hopped on the Internet, I found a number of Adult Care sites, but they were so limited in scope, and so poorly organized that I became tremendously frustrated, as do most people. I promised myself that I would use my advertising expertise, and put together an Adult Care Website for this region that would help everyone involved.